Winning steaks are always something to praise and cherish due to the fact that they always eventually end. But with the UConn Huskies Women’s Basketball program they can’t see to lose. They have won the last four NCAA tournaments consecutively.  There Streak is 111 games and they are favored to win two more this season […]

Life Update!

So the majority of my posts have been about my background in basketball and the negative and positive effects it had on me. I want to take a moment and let your know what and how I’m doing at the moment. So far I’ve been playing club volleyball for the second year and I am […]

Wait… I can play sports for fun?

As I have established from my previous posts I am a former collegiate basketball player. In this gem of a blog post I will be discussing how me mental state has drastically changed form when I was playing to now. In high school when I was in full dedication mode to my sport I was consistently […]

“Dang that big girl can play”

We have all heard of freshman 15 and what not, but for me I have struggled with my weight since about six grade. Now before this is seen as another sob story about weight ups and downs that is not my focus. I mean hey if me talking about my issues helps you then fantastic… […]