Life Update!

So the majority of my posts have been about my background in basketball and the negative and positive effects it had on me. I want to take a moment and let your know what and how I’m doing at the moment. So far I’ve been playing club volleyball for the second year and I am the vice president (oh yeah super official I know) Our team had been struggling finding a balance between fun and still applying a certain level of effort to win games. See in normal sports you have a coach who at least is older then you which means generally you respect and listen to them.But in college club sports team mates end up being coaches or captains. I’m sure then you can see already how that can cause some difficult situations. Now I don’t know if you know any thing about girls, but we tend not to be confrontational but rather chose the shit talking behind the back in a pack route. Not saying my team is full of bitches in fact they are all awesome women who would do anything for the team. This brings up our real problem which is that we are so concerned with having fun and being nice that we often say nothing at all which honestly has be just as harmful when trying to still be competitive. We have one more tourney for the season and I want to be able to figure out a good balance between intensity and joy. Still making sure we have a blast but while keeping us a level of ability which I know we can play at. From all my crazy college, travel, and high school coaching I’ve learned one thing and that is that negativity has no place on any court, field, or gym you name it. You can still be intense and excited and competitive without losing it on a player or your self. At the end of the day it is a game not life, but a game. I know when I was still playing at a higher level I would consistently be in my head obsessing about my last mistake as if I just ruined someones life. It took me a very long time to grasp that like in Who’s Line is it Anyway¬†THE POINTS DON’T MATTER.¬†Therefore, I’m going to instead of keep my ideas to myself speak to my team about uping the energy and focusing on what we do right.

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