Wait… I can play sports for fun?

As I have established from my previous posts I am a former collegiate basketball player. In this gem of a blog post I will be discussing how me mental state has drastically changed form when I was playing to now. In high school when I was in full dedication mode to my sport I was consistently focusing on the future of playing in college. Therefore, I didn’t really enjoy or savor the time I was playing. As an athlete or anyone competing and dedicating so much activity to one thing,it can become easy to lose sight of what matters. In my case the love of the game.

Due to my physical focus that I spoke about in my physical section of my blog I was in a very negative mind state. This state caused a large effect on how I saw my playing and self through out my career. I was such a nut case in high school that I would go on weekends to school with my mother and do extra work outs and have breakdowns for missing shots and minuscule things. What is ironic is that  in order to improve you have to miss shots and struggle. In hindsight I believe I was lying to my self so much about my love for the game that the only way I was able to function were these mini breakdowns over nonsense to distract from the real problem.

Even though it’s been two full years since I have played. I can’t help but have to combat often the negative thoughts and irritations I experience in daily life. In my active life today I play club volleyball, hike, play pick up basketball (which trust me took a long ass time to pull my self together to do) and for the most part I have completely different mindset of joy and passion when I play. Of course some days I’m weaker then others and slip back into my old ways, but recently while continuing to fall back in love with sports in general it has become a rather positive experience.

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