“Dang that big girl can play”

We have all heard of freshman 15 and what not, but for me I have struggled with my weight since about six grade. Now before this is seen as another sob story about weight ups and downs that is not my focus. I mean hey if me talking about my issues helps you then fantastic… if not… right on! Either way I’m about to totes lay down some self truth about the realities of being an over weight college athlete.

Now from the age of 12 I had displayed athletic promise and was pushed into the fast track of the basketball travel and recruiting world. The only real problem I faced was well clearly if you’ve read this far it was my weight. I was constantly told “if only you were a little smaller”, “If you lose some weight you’ll be unstableable ” you know shit like that which is clearly helpful for a adolescent female. After hearing these things my weight became an obsession. I would work out at 4 in the morning before school, during school, and after school just to get visually exceptable to the collegiate standard. The funny thing about this is that I wasn’t that big I just didn’t look like the ripped hyper athletic girl which was the standard. While my opponents were busy attempting to out play me I was busy outplaying the individuals first glance.

This all began to be the deep root cause to my later loathing of basketball (at the time). You see I am a perfectionist.Therefore, I could never meet this bizarre and unattainable goal I had created in my head for myself.This caused me to think negatively about myself and the game I was playing.

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