Welcome to the Physical section of my blog!

This is were I will be discussing my physical journey from being in my best shape as a student athlete to my heaviest I’ve ever been to now…. the dreadful in between!

    These are some photos of me through my athletic cascade down wards. The bottom image is of me in high school. The two photos of me in red are at my previous college where I played basketball and the middle is me last semester. So yeah I’m thicker, but unlike the wonderful rapper T-Pain says “thicker than a snicker” I’m more on the end of “thicker need to lose weight quicker” if you catch my drift.  Now you may be reading this and be like Mag’s you sound hella negative right now. I am aware I do I tend to be intense when talking about my self, but rather than most who speak negatively about there bodies I still love who I am and the body God blessed me with! I just see it as a matter of fact “I have gained weight! Great! What are you going to do about it?” The first thing I have done was switch to a high protein, high fats, low carb, and no dairy diet! “YES!”  You guessed it…it sucks, but it’s already showing progress and I’m about to be at my one month mark! So for now I’ll just press on because momma needs to fit in her (in this case) old pair of jeans!